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Why Are There So Few Prominent Women in the Art World? →

- April 2 -

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Hand made wood and grass mini planter jewelry by Mr. Lentz  

I create and design functional items and jewelry – mostly out of reclaimed wood and upcycled materials from salvage yards. I have always been a creator – influenced largely by not wanting to fall into the black hole of uncreativity that is the majority of the working world in this country. My aim has always been to find beauty and share it with others.  I enjoy evenings in the deserts of the Southwest where I sit in my workshop, chopping wood and photographing while blasting 90′s electronic dance music… followed by a good country song or two.”

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Early 70s behind the scenes of Sesame Street with the Muppets.

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wooden crate and a single bed (via Keltainen talo rannalla)


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i wish i looked like this.


i wish i looked like this.

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War Kitties in Hammocks

Carriers and other vessels got infested with rodents. So cats were not just moral boosters (which they very much were) they were also working members of the crew. Some have even been immortalized for surviving multiple attacks on their ships, etc. Military dogs have been recognized for the important roles they’ve played but I think cats kinda

Cat hammock.

!!!! -b

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Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century

Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century

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